Welcome to my online gallery! This album will introduce you to various interests of mine:

Hobbies: This section has pictures from my scuba diving expeditions as well as sitar playing. I have done a lot of underwater fishing and you will find a picture from a catch of halibut at 80 feet of depth in the cold Pacific waters. The fish weighed 45 to 65 pounds each! I visited Mexico for scuba diving in 2005 and 2007, and those pictures are in the “hobbies" section.

This is Me: This gallery includes my pictures from the California coast, a museum, and a Mexico trip in 2005.

Publications: You will see cover pages of my published CDs and three books. Check out the books on Amazon and read all the positive comments. I recorded two CDs in March 2005, which were published in 2005 and 2006. I have finished work on a 2-CD set, to be released in 2008.

Art: This gallery features some of my art from the mid 80s. I put together these pieces utilizing Batik, a form of wax painting from China and India that dates back 3,000 years!

Cars: My BMW M3 makes a great subject for photography. I took it inside a studio and took some professional-looking pictures. I played with Photoshop in dramatizing some outdoor shots as well.

Travel: I have uploaded some pictures of my India trip in March 2005, my trip to Paris in 2006, and trips to Greece, Japan, Korea and Turkey in 2008.

Nature: This gallery features scenes from the beautiful California coast. I plan to upload pictures of some beautiful sunsets from Mexico.

Home Garden: This group features my adventures with organic high density home gardening. I am growing over 150 varieties of fruits in a small backyard. I have been able to learn grafting and acquire rare varieties of fruits. Some of these trees now grow up to eight varieties of fruit.

This is a young garden - I bought the house in early 2002 and started planting in March 2002 after removing 50 cubic yards of concrete that covered my entire backyard.

I am using several techniques to make it a low maintenance garden. The techniques include chemical free and organic pest control, composting, and methods for effective weeding, pruning and watering. I have chosen just the right varieties of fruit trees that are bound to thrive in the microclimate I live in.

Hobbies: I have started putting some pictures in this section that relate to portrait, product, and wedding photography. I have also uploaded two award-winning pictures from photo competitions in January and October, 2007.

Enjoy the pictures!!